The start of my Quest to become an Indie Game Developer – Vlog 001 Talent Stacks (Reflection)

Five months ago I started my journey to become an indie game developer and created my first Video Log (Vlog) to plan out my journey. 

The first Vlog in my Journey.

It is interesting reflecting upon the last five months and the challenges that I have faced running a practice, growing our family and being a parent. I am glad that I realistic goals for the progress that I would be able to achieve. I have completed a series of tutorials to help improve my skills and experience with Unity, which I have included below. 

Roller Boll – Train Version

A simple roller ball game grew more complex as I added trains to keep my son, Fredrick, entertained.

UFO Tutorial

I added a timer to increase the challenge of this small UFO game.

With our new daughter arriving in three weeks and new project work and the growth of Heise Says, it will be challenging to devote much time to my Quest to become an Indie Game Developer, over the next few months.  Follow my blog or YouTube channel to join the continuing journey.

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